Creativity on Demand

We all know creativity is the ‘killer app’ for great content. We also know how hard it can be to be consistently creative under pressure. So what can you do, to make sure your creativity is on full power?

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The Write Way to Go About Things

Great writers make it look easy. They write to articulate ideas, conjure up images and make connections. They engage and inspire the reader or listener. On the other hand, poor writers can make the simplest principle opaque and make reading or listening a chore.

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Ultimate Air Check Presentation

francis currie presents ultimate air check at next radio 2016

At the excellent Next Radio Conference, my research partner Niklas Nordén and I presented our content testing tool, Ultimate Air Check. It shows how radio station listeners respond dynamically to radio content such as benchmarks, features, interviews & bulletins as they are listening to them.

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The Morning Guy

This is genius. It was such a pleasure to rediscover The Morning Guy after many years that I had to share it. It is SO worth five minutes of your time.  You don’t have to be in radio to enjoy it. The Morning Guy was released in January 2003.

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