Francis Currie Consulting works internationally with a variety of clients. From large multi-nationals to stand alone ‘mom & pops’ radio stations, we are privileged to work with a great bunch of people, a wide range of formats and quite a number of different territories.

If you would like to know what we are working on, who we are working with, and how you too can take advantage of our services then please get in touch.

Some of our clients prefer to keep our contribution entirely confidential and we always respect their wishes. Other clients are very happy to acknowledge our contribution more publicly.

We are especially grateful to the following group of people from different businesses, all of whom have provided us with very generous testimonials and recommendations about our work:

At SBS Radio we have the pleasure on working closely together with Francis on our portfolio of radio stations in the Nordics. During this time our radio operation has increased in market share and listening hours to a point where we now are the leading radio group.

Francis has been instrumental in defining and designing the various stations’ strategies through strategic and music research projects, in addition to programming consulting, in close cooperation with local management with whom he has a close and trusted relationship.

We value Francis highly and consider him a big part of our success story.

<span class=Hans van Rijn" >
Hans van Rijn Nordic Business Development Director SBS Discovery, Europe

Francis worked with me as a consultant to BBC Local Radio stations. Later he worked as my coach.

In all his work with me he combined very intelligent insight, substantial industry expertise, excellent attention to detail, full-on energy and great personal charm.

His presentations are smart, polished and inventive. His approach is very businesslike and absolutely results orientated. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

<span class=Chris van Schaick" >
Chris van Schaick Head of Radio Development BBC English Regions, United Kingdom

We greatly enjoyed our session with Francis and, even though many of us have a radio background, there was still so much learning in his session for us all.

Francis has an incredibly talent for bringing things to life and the time flew - our session ended all too quickly! We can't wait to have Francis back for another session and have already started working on bringing our session learnings to life!

<span class=Jo Daly" >
Jo Daly Global Head of Sales Training, Spotify

Francis provided me with exceptional consulting support.

His experience of programming in complex, competitive markets gave me the invaluable insight and expertise I needed to push my radio brand to the next level

His assistance in all areas of programming and positioning helped me to create a powerful and focused brand proposition that helped the business achieve its goal of becoming #1 in the core target market.

Francis is easy to work with, a great listener, none judgmental, and a big hit with the staff across the entire business.

<span class=Mark Sadler" >
Mark Sadler Programme Director Dublin’s Q102, Ireland

Francis worked with the Breakfast Show and Mid-Morning teams at BBC Radio Stoke on a number of occasions.

He was always encouraging, supportive, professional & well-prepared. He wasn’t afraid to give tough messages when necessary and handled potentially tricky situations with aplomb. I was never worried he’d be giving the wrong message.

Perhaps the best testimonial I can give is that the teams – both presenters and producers – always felt they’d gained from his guidance and were keen to have him back.

The legacy…the teams were more confident, creative, took more ownership of their shows and listening figures increased.

<span class=Sue Owen" >
Sue Owen Managing Editor BBC Radio Stoke, United Kingdom

I have been working very successfully with Francis for several years!

Not only is he an expert in strategies and the development of concepts, but also in music, morning shows and major promotions.

Unlike many other consultants, Francis is not the kind of man who offers identical ideas to each and every radio station; by contrast, he adjusts himself very individually to his clients, is always approachable and incredibly creative. Moreover, he is good at motivating and inspiring teams – he lives the medium “radio”.

Due to his ability to convert the marketing research data into precise strategies, he had a huge impact on the positive development of our cume throughout the last couple of years.

<span class=Detlef Noorman" >
Detlef Noorman General Manager Berliner Rundfunk 91.4, Germany

We started to work with Francis in January 2011. Before then was a difficult time we had fallen to very low audience figures, and knew we needed to move in a different direction.

Francis was the right person in right time. His knowledge, skills and mainly strategic insights helped us grasp the situation and direct the radio in the right direction.

With his experience and practical advice we have quickly moved forward significantly in every area: program, music and marketing.

Also thanks to him we have developed a new communication strategy with updated the branding, edited the music architecture and modified the program structure.

The results? In 12 months we have seen Daily ratings increase by 31%, Weekly ratings by 29% and Market Share by 40%!

<span class=Andrea Urbanovska" >
Andrea Urbanovska Programme Director Jemné, Slovakia

We invited Francis as one of the keynote speakers at the Slovenian Advertising Festival - SOF 2014 which was attended by 900 marketing professionals.

Francis presented the “The (Art &) Science of Persuasion”. It was an inspiring session that discovered some of the secrets of covert communication and powerful persuasion.

We learned how to get results in the art of using non-verbal communication, language patterns and words to change minds.

I have to admit that our audience is very demanding and that conference halls are usually not full.

When Francis performed his session the conference hall was filled to the last place and the audience was very attentive.

Francis contributed an important part to this year's program and the success of the festival, which was by the results of the survey the best SOF in last five years.

<span class=Barbara Modic" >
Barbara Modic President of 23rd SOF & Managing Director of Pristop Media

I have been working with Francis Currie as my consultant since 2008.

His radio expertise includes research analysis, strategy development, brand architecture, music programming, morning shows and promotions.

Francis really helped a lot in turning KISS FM Berlin into a well positioned urban mainstream radio brand.

In the last three years, he also became the key consultant for the Berlin ‘TOP Radiovermarktung’ radio cluster, and advises oldie-based AC Berliner Rundfunk and mainstream AC rs2 as well as Kiss FM.

With all his experience and expertise, Francis is a very valuable resource to us – and a good guy, too.

<span class=Christian Schalt" >
Christian Schalt General Manager RS2 & Kiss FM, Germany

Francis is quite simply brilliant!

He has an infectious enthusiasm that is backed up with a huge amount of knowledge and experience.

He is a grand-master at; strategic planning, research, coaching, music positioning and marketing.

I have no hesitation in recommending Francis as when working with him not only will you learn a great deal but you will have a huge amount of fun in doing so!!

<span class=Luis Clark" >
Luis Clark Group Programme Director Heart Network, United Kingdom

Francis is a first rate coach.

He facilitates real insight and manages to be available for his clients, regardless of his busy schedule.

Making everyone feel special is a real gift; Francis has that gift.

<span class=Lisa Kerr" >
Lisa Kerr Director of Strategy Radiocentre, United Kingdom

I worked with Francis when he programmed Heart FM, propelled it to and kept it at #1 in London. I worked with him (each in our own area of expertise) to help grow stations as a consultant.

And I’ve been proud to co-present with Francis at international gatherings like the NAB European Radio Conference. I’ve seen Francis hold audiences spellbound. His knowledge of programming is rock solid.

In my opinion, his most unique skill is his unmatched ability to pass that knowledge on to others – his skills at coaching, whether air talent or programmers who want to become among the best in the world.

<span class=Steve Casey" >
Steve Casey Owner SCR International, USA

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