lessons learned from kyle & jackie o

International Aircheck: Lessons from Kyle & Jackie O

Kyle & Jackie O are legendary (and notorious) radio presenters. They have worked together in Australian radio for almost 20 years. Their success has helped raise the profile of Australian radio with an international audience.

They joined brand new Sydney radio station KIIS 1065 in 2014, to host the breakfast show, and went straight to number one. The station they left, Sydney’s 2Day FM, where they had hosted the successful Breakfast Show for 8 years, instantly fell in the ratings. It has never recovered.

Kyle & Jackie O still deliver market-leading ratings for KIIS 1065, so what makes them so successful? More importantly, what can we learn?

I airchecked their show on Monday 8th February 2021, 08:00-09:00 to find out. It became apparent Kyle was broadcasting remotely, from Port Douglas, where he has a new holiday home.

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