At Francis Currie Consulting we are lucky enough to work with radio stations in many different countries. We see again and again the difference high quality research can make to an individual radio station or radio group. It impacts directly on reach, share, image, sales, promotions and revenue.

Our own research is built on best practice.  It has been refined through the hundreds of research projects we have delivered for many different clients in many different markets. We are proud of our work and the results speak for themselves.  Our research represents a sound investment in the highest quality research and insight.

Market Studies

Providing The Market Intelligence You Need

Every market, every radio station and every situation is different.  That’s why every Market Study we do is different too.

When you want to know more about:

  • Your station(s) and competitors
  • Listener priorities, attitudes, values
  • Station drivers, personalities, slogans & images
  • Morning show features, benchmarks & presenters
  • And much more…

Music Mapping

Finding The Optimum Music Recipe

On a typical music radio station, music accounts for 70- 80% of the output.  It is therefore critical that the music policy is optimised.

If you are planning a new station launch, music mapping with a Format Finder study will tell you exactly where the biggest gap in the market is.

If the music market has moved, or you want to reposition your station, a Format Finer will tell you exactly what the optimum music recipe is for your radio station.

Song Testing

Maximise Your Audience And Increase Listener Satisfaction

Library tests are used to test a large number of individual songs and to find the familiarity, passion and burn for each one.

We also use Library Test data to design and build the optimum music architecture.

Library tests form an essential regular activity for almost all successful music radio stations whatever the format.

We offer a choice of methodologies depending on both budget and local market conditions.

Bespoke Research

What You Need to Know

If there's something you need to know, we'll find out for you with a custom research project.

Whether the it's about your market, your station, your competitors, your listeners, their attitudes, beliefs, behaviours ... or anything else - we will investigate in a robust, reliable, scalable way.

Just let us know what you want to know and we'll design the research project to get you the answers you need with a bespoke research project.

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