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Showbiz Central is a fourteen volume collection of 700 high quality individual artist drops.

They are an instant way to add credibility and celebrity to your show and station production.

Don’t waste time and effort sourcing second-rate soundbites when you can quickly and easily create world-class imaging featuring the planet’s biggest artists.

Check out the Showbiz Central tracklists below and discover how you can instantly give your show the wow factor.

Showbiz Central Artist Drops are available to download instantly by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

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The artist drops are perfect. We love them at RGR FM.

marc holemans

Incredible value and incredibly useful.

henrik ledet

Showbiz Central is fantastic. The drop-ins are awesome.

carlo borg bonaci

The Sound Of Showbiz Central

Artist Drops For You And Your Show

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700 Individual Artist Drops Ready For You To Use

Download the complete track listing of all 14 volumes of Showbiz Central Artist Drops and see exactly what you get. 

You can be 100% confident that we have the artist IDs you need to add that exclusive showbiz sizzle to your show or station production.

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Download the complete list of the 700 individual artist drops available on the fourteen volumes of Showbiz Central Artist Drops.


The Complete Collection

Best Value and Free Bonus

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Get all 700 artist drops on Volumes 1 to 14 in one easy download.

You save over $100 with the instant download Complete Collection bundle.

It’s an unbeatable offer so grab your Complete Collection of the Showbiz Central Artist Drops while the offer is still available.

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