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Ultimate Air Check Presentation

At the excellent Next Radio Conference, my research partner Niklas Nordén and I presented our content testing tool, Ultimate Aircheck.

Ultimate Aircheck shows how a radio station’s listeners respond dynamically to different content such as benchmarks, features, interviews, bulletins etc. as they are listening to them.

In this twenty minute video, you will see a presentation that shows how listeners respond to excerpts from Morning Shows (Breakfast Shows) on four different radio stations:

  • BBC Radio 1 (UK)
  • Capital Radio (London)
  • KIIS 1065 (Sydney)
  • Z100 (New York)

Together, Niklas and I have completed well over 100 high quality research projects for radio stations. These have typically been one of four different types of research:

These key forms of research provide radio stations with the strategic market insight and the tactical information they need to fast-track growth, even in competitive markets.

Our work is built on best practice. We see again and again the positive difference that high quality research can make to an individual radio station or radio group.

We also see the sometimes disastrous effect that other poorly conceived or poorly executed research can have on a radio station’s audience. Poor research is worse than no research at all.

We always advise radio stations to invest in research built on best practice, regardless of whether they choose us to be a research partner or not,

If you would like to know more any research or consulting options, please contact us.

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