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Audio Expertise

Francis Currie can help grow your audience.

Francis is an international audio consultant who provides expert support to audio and radio businesses around the world.

He gets results with different teams, different formats and in different environments, because he knows every market, every culture, every target audience and every platform is different.

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Growing Audiences

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Grow your audience & engagement with support from expereienced professionals



Expert-led market research, analysis and insight from the specialists



Executive & talent coaching to help unlock your potential and develop skills

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Show Prep

Get the prep you need to supercharge your show, and save time & money

Client Testimonials

What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say

Francis is quite simply brilliant!

He has an infectious enthusiasm that is backed up with a huge amount of knowledge and experience.

A grand-master at strategic planning, research, coaching, marketing and music positioning.
Luis Clark
Heart UK
His knowledge of programming is rock solid.

But in my opinion, his most unique skill is his unmatched ability to pass that knowledge on to others - his skills at coaching, whether air talent or programmers, who want to become among the best in the world.
Steve Casey
SCR International, USA
Francis is a first-rate coach.

He facilitates real insight and manages to be available for his clients, regardless of his busy schedule.

Making everyone feel special is a real gift; Francis has that gift.

Lisa Kerr
Radiocentre. UK


If you want to optimise your output, and develop strategies to maximise audience and revenue, I can help. As an International Audio Consultant, I can give you input in many areas; from the strategic big picture to operational detail, you can have access to the support you need.


Our research is built on best practice. We see, again and again, the difference high-quality research can make to an individual radio station and to audio groups. It impacts directly on reach, share, image, sales, promotions and revenue.


I am an experienced, certified coach. My one-to-one performance coaching with both executives and performers is all about helping individuals unlock their potential and optimise their performance. Coaching can have a rapid and significant impact on performance, well-being, business operations and the bottom line.

Show Prep

Show preparation and planning is often ‘the difference that makes the difference’ when it comes to producing a world-class radio show, however big the market. Show Prep is a daily service, designed to save  presenters and producers time and money so they can spend less time on research and more time being creative.

Radio's Best Consultant

Francis Currie was named one of “radio’s best consultants” in a poll by top US radio industry magazine ‘Radio Ink’.  He was the only radio consultant on the entire list from outside the United States.

Thanks to the many clients and colleagues who voted. Much appreciated.

radionk francis currie voted radio's best consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Check out these FAQs

Our consulting will probably cost less than you expect. It is a sound investment in the future of your radio station and its team.

Because every radio station is different, every radio consultant relationship is unique too. This means we will tailor support to meet both your radio station’s needs and your budget.

If you want to work with people who have excellent strategic and operational experience, a track record in delivering results and a team of international expert radio consultants who are at the top of their game then get in touch.

Every radio station is unique, so every relationship with a radio consultant is unique too. In most cases we have an on-going market-exclusive relationship with clients so that we can work in partnership and really get to know and understand both their people and their business.

The basic framework for most consulting relationships is the Station Development Plan. We create this in the early stages of working with any new radio station or group. Normally this Station Development Plan is created after a Strategic Market Study.

We typically provide an agreed number of station station visits across a year, plus remote support between visits via email, phone and Skype.

The station visits are normally planned in advance with an agreed agenda. Typically this will include:

  • Meeting with senior management to discuss any major issues
  • Meeting with Programme Director to discuss any Programming changes or challenges, review progress with the Station Development Plan and to update it based on the latest information
  • Meeting with key members of the Programming, News, Promotions and Marketing team

In addition, there may be coaching, training, brainstorming, and many other activities needed to support the radio station in the pursuit of its ambition.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, contact us.

As radio consultants we work with all kinds of businesses and organisations, regardless of station size, format, location or regulation. We tailor our support to suit the needs of each client, whether it is a small individual radio station, a large radio group or something in between.

No. We love to work with radio stations that broadcast in different languages, countries, cultures and regulatory environments. As radio consultants, these are some of the many things we really enjoy about our work, and we recognise the importance of respecting these differences.

Our work allow us to draw on a very broad range of up-to-date international experience and insight which benefits clients a great deal.

We do normally work and communicate in English – sometimes with a translator but usually without – and will always ensure that our communication is clear and simple to understand.

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a great track record, exciting ideas and boundless enthusiasm then get in touch.

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