At Francis Currie Consulting we are lucky enough to work with radio stations in many different countries. We see again and again the difference high-quality research can make to an individual radio station or radio group. It impacts directly on reach, share, image, sales, promotions and revenue.

Our own research is built on best practice.  It has been refined through the hundreds of research projects we have delivered for many different clients in many different markets. We are proud of our work and the results speak for themselves.  Our research represents a sound investment in the highest quality research and insight.


Market Studies

Providing The Market Intelligence You Need


Every market, every radio station and every situation is different.  That’s why every Market Study we do is different too.

When you want to know more about:

  • Your station(s) and competitors
  • Listener priorities, attitudes, values
  • Station drivers, personalities, slogans & images
  • Morning show features, benchmarks & presenters
  • And much more…

Music Mapping

Finding The Optimum Music Recipe

On a typical music radio station, music accounts for 70- 80% of the output.  It is therefore critical that the music policy is optimised.

If you are planning a new station launch, music mapping with a Format Finder study will tell you exactly where the biggest gap in the market is.

If the music market has moved, or you want to reposition your station, a Format Finer will tell you exactly what the optimum music recipe is for your radio station.

music mapping

Song Testing

Maximise Your Audience And Increase Listener Satisfaction

song testing

Library tests are used to test a large number of individual songs and to find the familiarity, passion and burn for each one.

We also use Library Test data to design and build the optimum music architecture.

Library tests form an essential regular activity for almost all successful music radio stations whatever the format.

We offer a choice of methodologies depending on both budget and local market conditions.

Content Testing

Test Individual Pieces Of Content, Benchmarks & Features

Content testing with Ultimate Aircheck allows you to test individual pieces of content, benchmarks & features second-by-second.

You can get the precise response from fans, occasional listeners and non-listeners, mapped to the content as they hear it.  Of course the content can be your own radio station’s … or your competitors!

With Ultimate Aircheck you can discover the positive and negative triggers that stimulate the listeners, find any tune-out points and identify the elements that increase listener enjoyment.

control testing

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Client Testimonials

What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Francis for several years. We have done a music mapping of the whole Norwegian music market. This is a fantastic strategic tool which, together with the strategic market study, has helped us understand our market better.

They also do our auditorium music testing for our CHR, Rock and AC stations.

Radio Rock has almost doubled its cume and we see Francis as an important part of our great results and success over the past years.
Kristoffer Vangen
Bauer Media. Norway
Research is an essential step towards a successful radio station.

Enter Zagreb was lucky to have Currie Nordén doing that step for us and making a foundation for Enter’s rapid success in months that followed.

From being a completely unknown radio station in the capital of Croatia, with the support of Currie Nordén, in just six months after launch, Enter Zagreb became the No. 1 radio station in the area for 15-29s and No.2 overall.

Marija Beber
Enter Zagreb. Croatia
Francis Currie and Niklas Norden consulted for us. Using tried and tested methodology, coupled with the latest technology, they were instrumental in clearly defining the music preferences of our audience and providing insight into the market.

Francis and Niklas explained the logic behind the findings and recommended the best way forward, which has helped us.

We value the findings and find it effective in strategizing our music policy.
Sanjay Prabhu
Indigo 91.1. India

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