Affiliate Confirmation

Hi There,

Thank you for joining up as an affiliate, and for demo-ing the system.

Now that you have made your 20p purchase via your affiliate link you should:

1. Receive an email notification from RADIO WARFARE telling you that you just earned a commission.

2. Navigate to > login > and see notification of the sale on your Affiliate Home Page.

3. Be confident in the knowledge that the affiliate programme is fully operational and that you will earn 25% commission on every sale of Show Prep for the lifetime of the subscription.

4. Get busy promoting Show Prep to maximise your return. You can use banners, editorial, social media, word-of-mouth and more to promote your affiliate link, confident that every sale will result in an on-going 25% commission for you!

Thanks again for joining the Radio Warfare Affiliate Programme. Just let us know if you need anything from us to help you.

All the best,



Francis Currie

Radio Warfare

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